Aftermath Of A Hit And Run In Abbotsford, British Columbia

While it is absolutely possible to file a claim in the case of a hit and run which took place in British Columbia, there are regulations surrounding the matter. Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer Abbotsford is the best option. Specifically, a series of obligations which are gathered in the Insurance Vehicle Act. One of these obligations is that you must notify the ICBC of the sustained losses you mean to claim for, and that you do this right away, or at least within the first 6 months following the accident, if you have been severely injured.
Additionally, you will need to prove to a court that you did everything you reasonably could do to identify the motorist who hit you and fled the scene. If you cannot prove this, there is a high chance that your claim will be dismissed without further assessment. That is one of the very reasons that you need to work closely with
How can I prove my efforts in identifying the unknown motorist?
Past cases have given us a guideline when it comes to such matters. British Columbian courts do seem to have a series of steadfast points by which they judge whether a claimant has made “reasonable” efforts in identifying the at-fault party:
Did the claimant fail to memorize/photograph the motorist’s license plate?
Did the claimant fail to report the incident to the authorities?
If they did report the accident, did they still continue to make efforts to identify the driver?
Was the claimant too severely injured to take in details of the unknown driver and their vehicle?

It is important to know that, even if you report the hit and run to the police, that you are not automatically relieved of your duty to take reasonable steps toward identifying the driver. Neither should you expect the ICBC to lay out these reasonable steps for you. The requirements stated under s.24 of the Insurance Vehicle Act will apply to you under almost all circumstances.
What can I do to identify the unknown driver?
While reporting the incident to the injury lawyer is a must, that isn’t where your duty ends. Other steps, such as contacting bystanders and witnesses, putting up flyers, posting a notice in the local newspaper, and so on, can greatly support your claim in the eyes of the courts, since they will serve as proof for your efforts to identify the guilty driver. Other quick and easy steps are posting notices on line on multiple websites. Additionally, allow your Car Accident Lawyer in Vancouver to handle the claim case. As they work with a multitude of private investigators, medical care specialists and finance experts, they will be able to put together the whole case.