Benefits of Hiring an Experienced & Skilled Injury Attorney in Belleville after Trucking Accident

A trucking accident can cause seriousor fatal injuries since the commercial trucks are large and heavy vehicles. The weight of a single-axleand double-axle commercial truck is20,000 pounds and 34,000 pounds respectively. However, the weight of the large cars is usually between 3882 pounds and 5603 pounds. The small cars weigh less than the large cars.

Therefore,the drivers and/or the passengers of a car may have debilitating and/orfatal injuries after being hit by a commercial truck. Thevictims of trucking accidents are eligible to recoversubstantialcompensatory damage from a defendant’s insurer due to this reason. However, the insurance companies do not like to offer a substantial financial compensation to the victims without a legal battle that is fought on the basis of evidence. Hence, it is prudent to retain the service of an injury attorney in Belleville who hassuccessfully settledpersonal injury claims resulting from the trucking accidents in the past.

It is important to remember that a truck’s driver may not be liable for an accident at all times. An accident may result from defective components of a truck or due to excessive load of the cargo. The incorrect distribution of the load of cargo on a truck may even cause an accident. It is essential to correctly identify the liable party for an accident if want to recover any compensatory damage for your injuries and associated losses. An injury attorney in Gloucester has the experience and expertise to correctly identify the liable party.Therefore, it is prudentto retain the service of a personal injury attorney after a trucking accident.

The negligence of a truck’s driver causes the majority of the trucking accidents. It may result from driving a truck in an inebriated state of mind or with fatigue. A driver may even become distracted by somethingwhich may cause accident since the commercial trucks carry immense load. The cargo may fall off the back or may cause a truck to swerve. An injury attorney in Fergus can hold a driver liable for a trucking accident in thesescenarios.

It is also possible for the company that loaded the cargo to share the liability along with a driver. A loading company has to ensure that the truck is not carrying excessive weight and the load has been distributed properly along the floor of theenclosed cargo space. A trucker is also responsible for checking the condition of the rig in order to ensure proper loading of the cargo. Thus, an injury attorney in London will hold the loading company and a trucker liable for an accident if it resulted from excessive load or incorrect distribution of the cargo.

An injury attorney in London will hold a truck’s owner along with the driver liable for an accident if it resulted from insufficient or lack of maintenance. They both are supposed to ensure that all components of a commercial truck is working properly before taking it on the road.