Money Available to No Fault Driver that Lacks Auto Insurance

The driver that gets hit by a vehicle that has a negligent individual at the steering wheel often finds that the same person remains uninsured. Less frequently, a no-fault driver lacks the expected automobile insurance. Drivers with more commendable driving skills can count on getting more money than a careless and neglectful driver.

Possible sources of compensation for injuries

The no-fault driver can expect compensation for injuries from the other party’s insurance company. The size of the compensation package will reflect the driver’s readiness to respect the insurance claim process. In other words, that same driver should not fail to mention any minor injuries.

By the same token, no injured driver or passenger should keep quiet about any delayed symptoms. Smart lawyers will, depending on the treating doctor’s diagnosis, anticipate the appearance of such symptoms. In addition, any good injury lawyer should encourage a client to follow the treating doctor’s suggestions, and to keep all medically-related receipts.

The costs of towing and repairs may be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance. If the insurer fails to offer such money, the no-fault driver must pursue one of 2 possible courses of action.

Courses of action open to no-fault driver, when damage to vehicle is not covered:

Take legal action against the at-fault driver. In other words, file a lawsuit, naming the at-fault driver as the defendant.

Send the at-fault driver a letter of demand. This serves as a warning. It hints strongly that legal action is being considered, if the written demand gets ignored.

In order to pursue either of those actions, a client/driver must hire a car accident lawyer in Sudbury. Understand, though, that it may prove difficult to find an injury lawyer that cares to devote time to a case that concerns only money for minor damages. That fact helps to highlight the value in purchasing a comprehensive automobile insurance policy.

Why might a no-fault driver should seek a car accident injury lawyer?

As indicated above, an injury lawyer should encourage an injured client to become familiar with and to watch for the possible appearance of a given injury’s delayed symptoms. Moreover, each such symptom ought to be reported to the recovering client’s treating physician. That approach should work to ensure delivery of an amount of money that would qualify as fair compensation in the mind of the no-fault driver.

Still, mention of delayed symptoms will not be of concern to an insurance company, if the injured party has already accepted a settlement amount. A good accident injury lawyer in Sudbury should work to avoid the unfolding of such an unfortunate scenario. Consequently, the lawyer’s efforts should allow for continuance of a given client’s case, until all of that victim’s possible symptoms have surfaced.